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Why Choose Us

For decades, James River Transportation has led the industry with innovative programs that ensure a SAFE experience for passengers. We are the ONLY COMPANY IN THE AREA that:

  • Has retrofitted our ENTIRE fleet with SEAT BELTS
  • Utilizes SATELLITE VEHICLE TRACKING for location and speed monitoring
  • Uses VIDEO EVENT RECORDING to monitor driving performance.
  • Performs COMPREHENSIVE NATIONAL AND LOCAL BACKGROUND¬†CHECKS to ensure that a thorough and complete investigation is done
  • Utilizes a DRIVING SIMULATOR to teach crash avoidance, severe weather and equipment failure scenarios. Drivers are able to practice the skill instead of just reading about it.
  • Screens for, monitors and treats SLEEP APNEA
    • The DOT says 28% of commercial drivers have Sleep Apnea that is NOT treated.

Since the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Agency is unable to provide adequate safety assurance to the public due to lack of resources, we use two third party inspectors to provide assurance to our customers.

  • The Department of Defense uses CSS to inspect all companies providing transportation for military personnel.
  • The NCAA utilizes Transportation Safety Exchange, Inc. (TSX) to inspect all companies providing transportation for all college tournament play.
  • We have the HIGHEST RATING from both organizations.

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