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Virginia Event Charter Transportation

We handle the transportation logistics for conventions and events.

We bring 90 years of experience to every event that uses our private charter bus transportation services, and it shows.

We provide safe and reliable shuttles for conventions, corporate events, political campaigns, athletic events and more.

If your guests will be in town for a few days, consider offering local tours. We’d love to “wow” your event attendees with a tour of Richmond and the surrounding areas. And of course, once your event is over, we can arrange shuttles or individual transportation back to the airport.

Our team strategically plans the transportation for your event by mapping the course, coordinating with the city, and anticipating any delays or challenges that may arise.

Bus Driver Training
Logistics Expertise
Our team thinks through every step of your event by carefully planning the route to prevent delays and post-event gridlock.
We'll Make the Calls
Prior to your event, we’ll coordinate with police, traffic engineers, and private security. If your event is high profile, we will work with the secret service, TSA, and military command to meet your event transportation needs.
Safety First
We’ll set up safe loading and unloading areas. Our commitment to safety is recognized by the DOT, DOD, and National Transportation Safety Board.
Clear Communication
We take the guesswork out of event transportation by using clear signage for passengers, drivers and the public.