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For the Business Traveler on the Go

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Delayed or canceled flights….. Lost baggage…… Traveling on someone else’s schedule….. Not being able to work while traveling…..Crowded planes…Security checkpoint delays.

These are just some of the hassles frequent business travelers face.

But at James River Transportation, we have an alternative. We designed our City-to City Program with the business traveler in mind. We will pick you up at your home or office and deliver you to your destination city without the inconveniences you face when flying. Just think of it…..

Leave when you want to leave….. No layovers or delays…..No baggage claim…….No hassles at Security…Just peace and quiet and the ability to work while traveling.

James River Transportation provides the maximum flexibility and productivity for the traveling executive. The quiet, private, office-like environment of a chauffeur driven vehicle is suitable for phone calls, private meetings, reading or work on a laptop. Travelers can make the most efficient use possible of transit time.

Example: An executive has an all day meeting in Philadelphia. He needs to arrive the night before and leave after his meeting.

Flying VS. James River
Time to Airport .75 hours Sedan to Philly 4 hours
Parking and Check-in 1.5 hours
Flight 1.0 hours
Baggage Claim .50 hours
Transfer to meeting .75 hours
4.5 hours
Total Round Trip (2x) 9 hours Total Round Trip 8 hours

You will be surprised at the time and money we can save you. You won’t be surprised at the convenience we can provide when traveling.

If two or more are traveling together, the savings are phenomenal because we base our rates on the type of vehicle, not the number of passengers.

For business trips that last more than one day, we can arrange to have the car at your disposal during your stay.

Since everyone’s schedule is unique, please contact us for specific quotes on your trip.

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