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Church Trips & Religious Groups

Safe and ethical charter bus service for Virginias’ churches and religious groups.

Since our beginning in 1928, James River Transportation has partnered with churches and other religious organizations. Our Chairman, Woody Story, used to pick up local students in a bus and take them to church each Sunday morning.

Over the years we have provided transportation for:

  • Retreats
  • Camps
  • Visits to other religious organizations
  • Musical performances for choirs and bands
  • Getting help to areas devastated by catastrophes
  • Fundraising trips

Our commitment to safety is unmatched. With highly-trained drivers and regularly maintained vehicles, we don’t leave anything to chance.
Our Values
All of our business is conducted with the following core values at heart: Customer Service, Safety, Reliability, Integrity and Teamwork.
Community Support
We have a long-standing mission to support our city and neighbors by volunteering our time and equipment to those in need.