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The Safest Transportation in VA

We invest in industry-leading safety programs to ensure a safe trip for our passengers.

Our focus isn’t on meeting the minimum safety requirements because we prioritize keeping the thousands of people traveling in our vehicles on a daily basis safe. For decades, we’ve led the industry with innovative safety programs and an unwavering commitment to the safety of our passengers.

Our transportation services are the safest option for your group travel in Virginia, and we consider safety at every step of the journey.

Private Shuttle Transportation in Virginia

Our Drivers

  • Every driver undergoes extensive background checks, using federal and local databases.
  • We routinely test for and treat any cases of sleep apnea to prevent fatigue behind the wheel.

Bus Driver Training

Our Safety Training

  • We train all drivers in-house, from scratch, with a 4 to 6-week training course and ongoing “behind the wheel” training throughout the year.
  • Our state-of-the-art driving simulator provides drivers with hands-on training for crash avoidance, severe weather, and equipment failure scenarios.

Safety Belt

Our Fleet

  • We proactively retrofitted our entire fleet with seat belts in 2013.
  • Vehicles are equipped with satellite vehicle tracking for location and speed monitoring.
  • Driving performance is documented with video event recording.
  • Vehicles are stored on-site where we conduct preventative maintenance and routine safety checks.

Bus Technicians in Virginia

Our Team

  • Dedicated Safety Director on staff ensures that safety remains a top priority.
  • 24/7 access to our customer care team to handle any en route issues that may arise.
  • We’re certified by the DMV as a third-party inspector, and use that expertise in-house to hold ourselves to the highest standard.


DOT Logo

Highest safety certification from the US Department of Transportation.

Highest rating by the NCAA.

An original recipient of the United Motorcoach Association Vision Award.

Received the TRAX Insurance Risk Control Excellence Award which reflects our great safety record.

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Highest safety certification available (#1) from the US Department of Defense. DOD certification is required to transport military personnel.

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Two time finalist for Operator of The Year by the industry magazine LCT.

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