Safety & Training

At James River Transportation, our Safety and Training systems are an integral part of our organizational structure. Everything we do originates from our Mission Statement and Corporate Values. While most transportation safety programs focus on highway travel, our organization also includes extensive systems for our maintenance and office environments.

Our award winning program provides standard operating procedures, proven training for all team members and statistical models for benchmarking our success.

Traffic incidents, mechanical failures and customer service issues are monitored to ensure our impeccable record remains intact.

Safety Goals

  • Reduce risk to its lowest level
  • Help employees to recognize risk and actively participate in its prevention.
  • Provide the safest possible work environment for our team.
  • Integrate our training and procedures with the US Department of Homeland Security.
  • Reduce vehicle incident rates.

Safety Monitoring

  • All of our vehicles have seat belts.
  • All vehicles are equipped with an event recorder that captures any incident on or around the vehicle.
  • All vehicles are equipped with a GPS location device that monitors vehicle location and speeds.
  • Behind the wheel driver assessments are made twice a year to ensure bad driving habits do not develop.
  • Regular driving simulator sessions are held through-out the year.

Training / Recruiting

  • We recruit and hire the very best applicants through criminal background checks, personality tests, driving record verification, drug and alcohol testing, and a US Department Transportation medical review.
  • Drivers/Chauffeurs receive initial training that includes “behind the wheel” driving skills instruction, driving simulator sessions, destination familiarization and regulatory / policy instruction. Training for new drivers takes 4 – 6 weeks.
  • All employees receive customer service training; incorporating corporate values, professionalism and how to “WOW” our customers (internal and external customers).
  • We are one of the few transportation companies to employee a Corporate Trainer. This position provides customer service training, corporate values orientation, strategic planning facilitation and best practices (WOW service) sessions.


  • Our organization receives the highest safety certification (satisfactory) from the US Department of Transportation.
  • Our organization receives the highest safety certification available (#1) from the US Department of Defense. A DOD certification is required to transport military personnel.
  • James River Transportation was an original recipient of the United Motorcoach Association Vision Award.
  • James River Transportation is a two time finalist for Operator of The Year by the industry magazine LCT.
  • James River Transportation has received the TRAX Insurance Risk Control Excellence Award which reflects our great safety record.