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Our Transportation Facilities

James River Transportation has offices and garages in Richmond (HQ) and Norfolk, Virginia, along with airport operations at Richmond International Airport and Norfolk International Airport. Our offices are designed to be clean and comfortable for our award-winning staff and guests, as well as environmentally conscious. We work hard to keep a positive carbon footprint.

Richmond VA Charter Bus Transportation Facility
Birds-eye-view of our state-of-the-art Richmond, Va., transportation facility.

All vehicles are stored in-house and maintained in our state-of-the-art garage. This enables us to conduct routine safety checks, hire best-in-class mechanics and ensure our vehicles are functioning safely and reliably every day.

Virginia Bus Driver Training
Brian, Corporate Trainer, in action in our conference room.

Office – 6,000 square foot area:

  • Geothermal heating and air conditioning, an extremely efficient system which uses the Earth’s thermal energy through a deep bore well system to achieve up to a 40% savings in energy
  • Programmable Automated Thermostats
  • T8 Electronic fluorescent lighting ballast, ultra efficient energy savings and low heat generation
  • Insulated windows and doors
  • Computer controlled alarm and video surveillance security system
  • Back-up generator power system
Virginia Bus Technicians
Leon using the pit for safety.

Garage – 10,500 square foot area

  • Overhead radiant infrared heat, warms objects instead of the air. Provides minimal heat loss when a door is opened. 30% more efficient than gas forced air heat
  • Over 15,000 watts of energy efficient metal halide lighting
  • Computer controlled diesel fuel dispensing system with full-time automated leak detection
  • Service pits instead of lifts for safety
  • Light gray epoxy floor coating for long wear and excellent light dispersion
  • Skylight for more light and better working conditions
Bus Maintenance Technician
Ollie, a technician, at work in our state-of-the-art garage.
Sheila and Lynn, Sales
Sheila and Lynn, Sales
Charter Buses in Virginia
All vehicles are stored and maintained on site.
Virginia Minibus Rental
Our vehicles are meticulously maintained, inside and out.