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Environmentally Friendly Transportation Service

We consider the environmental impact of every step of the journey.

We “went green” long before it was a well known movement. Our headquarters in Richmond, Virginia are eco-friendly, our vehicles are energy efficient, our in-house maintenance practices are earth conscious. Not because we have to be, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Our continued commitment to minimizing our impact on the environment has earned us a certification from Virginia Green Partners. This statewide program strives to reduce the environmental impact of Virginia’s tourism industry.

Carbon Positive

Although our larger vehicles use more total energy, they are tremendously efficient. Each of our high capacity vehicles take cars off the road (40 cars for each motorcoach, 20 cars for each mini-coach and 10 cars for each van).

Buses and Cars

We save 10,164.2 tons of CO2 a year.

This calculation includes the total amount of energy we consume in our buildings and vehicles and factors in the savings by utilizing efficient vehicles.

Calculations are based on our current electricity and fuel usage and an earlier study by MJ Bradley and Associates for the American Bus Association.

Energy Efficient Headquarters
Energy Efficient Headquarters
Our headquarters were thoughtfully designed to use geothermal energy, effective insulation, natural and energy-conscious lighting, and more!
Maintenance Technician Recycling
We Recycle
Of course we recycle the obvious stuff, like cans, paper, glass and plastics. But our maintenance department is also green: we recycle oil, antifreeze and refrigerant. Our filters are drained and recycled.
Responsible with Water
Responsible with Water
We conserve our water use to avoid waste. We also filter out contaminants and test our wash water before it enters the sewer system.