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Driving Simulator

James River Transportation’s simulator, a TRANSIM VS IV, provides high fidelity, real-world driving environments that are customized for our particular vehicles.

System Features:

  • Wrap-around plasma screens
  • Front and side views of the driving experience
  • Digital imaging for realistic graphics of real world situations
  • Customized views to match a particular street layout

Training Benefits:

  • Experience scenarios that cannot be safely duplicated in actual driving situations
    • Tire blow-out
    • Brake failure
    • Snow, ice, high winds
  • The simulator is set up in a self contained, customized trailer to provide a professional training environment at various locations
    • Richmond / Williamsburg / Norfolk

Costing over $200,000, the system is a major investment in safety and we are one of only a few private transportation companies in the world to use a simulator in training. ” It is our obligation to do everything we can to ensure a safe experience for our passengers. The recent availability of the TRANSIMS helps us accomplish this.” says Stephen Story, President.