Our Mission and Core Values

Mission Statement:

We will WOW our customers through our continued passion to provide superior transportation services by demonstrating our core values with dedicated team members, and utilizing innovative strategies and technology.

Core Values:

  • Customer Service

    We employ the right people and train them to deliver exceptional service.  In fact, in a move unique to the industry, we employ a corporate training manager to ensure the best possible service. We use our statistical models to monitor traffic incidents, mechanical failures and customer service issues to verify that our passengers have a great experience.

  • Safety

    Safety is always taken seriously. Thorough training, retraining and a state-of-the-art driving simulator, enable us to ensure driver safety.  In addition, we use rigorous screening techniques, including drug/alcohol screening, criminal background check, personality testing, and medical review. Safety is not limited to the highway; we also utilize extensive safety systems for our maintenance and office environments.

  • Reliability

    Our maintenance facility and procedures are state of the art and 99.5% of our trips are completed without any mechanical problems. This performance ranks us as the “best of the best” in North America. In addition, we have developed an impressive support network utilizing our International Motorcoach Group partners and Greyhound to ensure quick responses to any situations that occur on longer trips.

  • Integrity

    We value honesty and integrity above all else and all of our employees must adhere to the highest standards. We will go to great lengths to retrain people who may be lacking a specific job skill, and give second chances to employees who make mistakes. However, we do not tolerate dishonesty and will dismiss employees who are dishonest with us or our customers.

  • Teamwork

    We view our customers as partners and focus on building long-term relationships. Whenever we are involved in planning the transportation services along with the customer we routinely suggest cost saving ideas that can be implemented without hurting customer service. Internally, we foster excellent working relationships between our different locations and departments through a variety of company events. Each year, we typically go to ballgames, go cart tracks, and holiday dinners. We also participate in holiday parades and other community service events.