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About Us

Stephen and Diane, Owners and President/Vice President

For over 90 years, James River Transportation has embraced its deeply rooted core values – Customer Service, Safety, Reliability, Integrity and Teamwork.  Our consistent practice of these core values guide our team to exhibit respect and civility through these challenging times.

We are not only proud of WHAT we have accomplished as a business, but HOW we have been able to do it with integrity.

James River celebrates the diversity in our Team, our Customers and our Partners and challenge ourselves to  remain open to new ideas and opportunities for improving our community.

We are proud of our actions, our relationships and of those who advocate for change.

James River’s Core Values will continue to guide us as we exercise compassion and understanding as we work together to move our country forward to a better future for ALL.

Since 1928, James River Bus Lines has been a national leader in transportation. Serving a diverse client base, the firm’s rich history sprang from modest beginnings in rural Virginia where its only bus would bring passengers to Richmond for daily shopping. Today, the firm is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, and features a fleet of more than 80 vehicles of all kinds.

Notably, we’re adept at working with organizations of all types, including corporate, military, schools and colleges, wedding parties, religious congregations, hospitals, and government. James River Transportation has the resources and experience to meet every transportation requirement.

Our dedication to unparalleled safety and customer service has remained unchanged through the years. It’s the reason we are continually ranked among the top 50 transportation firms in the United States, and consistently rated “Outstanding” by the Department of Defense.


We will WOW our customers through our continued passion to provide superior transportation services by demonstrating our core values with dedicated team members, and utilizing innovative strategies and technology.

Ollie, Maintenance Technician
Ollie, Maintenance Technician


1. Customer Service

We employ the right people and train them to deliver exceptional service.  In fact, in a move unique to the industry, we employ a corporate training manager to ensure the best possible service. We use our statistical models to monitor traffic incidents, mechanical failures and customer service issues to verify that our passengers have a great experience.

2. Safety

Safety is always taken seriously. Thorough training, retraining and a state-of-the-art driving simulator, enable us to ensure driver safety.  In addition, we use rigorous screening techniques, including drug/alcohol screening, criminal background check, personality testing, and medical review. Safety is not limited to the highway; we also utilize extensive safety systems for our maintenance and office environments.

3. Reliability

Our maintenance facility and procedures are state of the art and 99.5% of our trips are completed without any mechanical problems. This performance ranks us as the “best of the best” in North America. In addition, we have developed an impressive support network utilizing our International Motorcoach Group partners and Greyhound to ensure quick responses to any situations that occur on longer trips.

Sheila and Lynn, Sales
Sheila and Lynn, Sales

4. Integrity

We value honesty and integrity above all else and all of our employees must adhere to the highest standards. We will go to great lengths to retrain people who may be lacking a specific job skill, and give second chances to employees who make mistakes. However, we do not tolerate dishonesty and will dismiss employees who are dishonest with us or our customers.

5. Teamwork

We view our customers as partners and focus on building long-term relationships. Whenever we are involved in planning the transportation services along with the customer we routinely suggest cost saving ideas that can be implemented without hurting customer service. Internally, we foster excellent working relationships between our different locations and departments through a variety of company events. Each year, we typically go to ballgames, go cart tracks, and holiday dinners. We also participate in holiday parades and other community service events.


The first bus ran as a shuttle along the James River to bring women into Richmond to do their daily shopping.

More than 90 years ago, William W. Briesmaster started a bus line from rural Virginia to Richmond. The route closely followed the path of the historic James River through central Virginia. Consequently, his bus line came to be known as The James River Route.

Today, James River Transportation employs more than 200 people and is one of the most respected transportation companies in the nation.

And yet, it is still family owned and remains doggedly true to its values.

It’s long history and quality reputation has allowed James River to be a part of many historical events:

  • As a major transportation supplier for America’s armed forces, we  assisted in all major military events including World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and various Peace Keeping missions.
  • James River has participated in every Worlds Fair and Olympics in North America.
In August 1963, passengers boarded our buses at the Leigh Street YMCA in Richmond for a trip to the U.S. Capitol to participate in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. An estimated 2,500 Virginians were among the roughly 250,000 marchers at the protest, which called for civil rights legislation and featured Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.
  • Because of its proximity to Washington DC, James River has provided a “voice” to thousands of citizens visiting DC, including providing transportation to the 1963 March on Washington for Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech (and many, many marches since).
  • James River has provided transportation for all Gubernatorial and Presidential Inaugurations for decades.
  • James River provided transportation for the Queen of England’s visit to Virginia and the Jamestown 400 Year Celebration.
  • James River holds the record of managing 2000 guests safely and orderly departing the convention center in 15 minutes.
  • James River has provided transportation for extras and crew as well as vehicles for “props” for many productions including Gardens of Stone, A Girl Named Jackie, Lincoln, The Jackal, Dave, Forces of Nature and Homeland TV series.


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