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James River Transportation Tests Fully Electric Motorcoach and Shuttle Bus

James River Transportation recently invited guests to DRIVE a fully electric motorcoach and shuttle bus. The event allowed JRT guests to learn more about the new technology, its benefits, and the transportation systems they best fit.

A variety of guest were invited including government agencies, corporations, colleges, environmental associations, other transportation companies and our own JRT Team.

The two vehicles were a Van Hool CX45e motorcoach and an Optimal Phoenix DRW shuttle bus. Both vehicles are fully electric and provide a Carbon Neutral option for a variety of transportation services. There were representatives from the manufacturer available to  make sure everyone in attendance became a “Pro” with electric passenger vehicles. While there remains a range limitation with most electric vehicles, there are many applications that are suitable for their use. Commuter systems, school bus routes and local charters are prime examples of transportation perfect for electric vehicles.

Learning the technical aspects of the vehicles was educational, but everyone also had the opportunity to drive the vehicles. Since the obstacle course was on private property and under close supervision, no one needed a commercial driver’s license. Stephen Story, President of JRT commented, “our goal was to get clients familiar with this technology, but after watching all our guest drive today, we were able to identify potential recruits for our next class, you know, in case their current career doesn’t work out.”

JRT continues to evaluate a variety of electric vehicles to ensure we can support our client’s EV needs when they arise. In 2019, we began an Electric Van shuttle in downtown Richmond. Last year our Team visited the Proterra Electric Bus Manufacturing facility in Greenville, SC to learn more about the recent advancements in safety, weight reduction and new production techniques.

More information about JRT sustainability efforts is on the company’s website .

James River Transportation is a full-service transportation provider and event planning organization with facilities located in Richmond and Norfolk. The company also has on-site operations at Richmond International Airport. Services include motorcoach and minicoach transportation, airport transfers, transportation management, contract services, and convention shuttles.