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James River Receives Green Transportation Service Award

On April 25, 2022, James River Transportation received the Green Transportation Service of the Year Award. The Travel Star Award is given by the Virginia Green Travel Alliance and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

James River utilizes a variety of methods to conserve energy and dispose of waste responsibly.

  • James River utilizes high-capacity passenger vehicles, removing millions of passenger miles from the roadways each year. Carpooling at the highest level.
  • James River recycles all of it maintenance fluids like engine oil, transmission fluid and antifreeze.
  • James River’s HQ utilizes Geothermal HVAV for its office’s climate control system.
  • The building also utilizes skylights for natural lighting and high efficiency lighting fixtures for energy conservation.
  • James River utilizes Clean Burning Diesel engines that dramatically reduces emissions.
  • James River implemented a fully electric van shuttle to learn best practices for this new technology.

James River saves more energy than it produces. Each year the operation provides over 10,000 tons of Carbon Credit because of the above strategies.

The conservation plan began in 1998 when the existing head quarters was constructed. The adoption of conservation best practices was not incorporated for “Green PR”, it was done because it made sense and was the right thing to do. It only became trendy years later.

James River Transportation is a full-service passenger transportation organization providing a large variety of service utilizing many types of vehicles. The company will celebrate its 95th Anniversary next year.