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8 Reasons to Think Outside the Limo on Your Wedding Day

There’s more to wedding transportation than just an expensive limo.

James River Transportation has been providing great wedding experiences for decades. We’ve helped thousands of couples enjoy a smooth start to their new journey together.

While it’s nice to show up in a white Limo for that special day, there is so much more to consider.

1. Is it comfortable getting in and out of a limo when dressed to perfection?

Our vehicles (Executive Van and Deluxe Minicoaches) have large entry doors and a step or two leading to the center aisle.

2. Will it wrinkle my clothes for photos?

Our vehicles have more space inside so that you do not have to squeeze your dress into tight spots.

3. How will the bridal party get there?

We have vehicles ranging in size from 13-passenger to 24-passenger to 32-passenger that are great for bridal party transportation.

Wedding Bus and Minibus Shuttle Transportation
Minibus Charter Interior

4. Why are limos so expensive?

Limos are “specialty” vehicles that are typically only used on weekends, so they need to earn their money on a limited number of days.  Also, limited supply plus high demand = expensive.

5. What sort of Safety and Customer Service training does the limo driver have?

Many limos are provided by small owner-operators who have not received any safety or customer service training.  We have a rigorous hiring process that includes a comprehensive and extensive background check, including of the national sexual offenders database.  All of our drivers go through a 4 to 6 week training course that includes driving skills as well as Customer Service training.

6. What about transportation for guests who are drinking?

Providing transportation in our minicoaches or full-sized motorcoaches is a great, safe alternative to your guests driving themselves.  This is especially important if they have been drinking or are not familiar with the area.

7. Can I really get 10+ Ubers where my reception is being held?

Many wedding venues are in remote areas that have minimal Uber driver availability.

8. Is there cellphone service where my reception is being held?

Lack of cellphone service makes it difficult to use ride share apps like Uber and Lyft.