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James River Transportation Completes 1,000 Safe Trips

James River Transportation has completed 1,000 trips since April 1st when unfortunately, much of the passenger transportation industry has been shut down. All passenger transportation companies experienced a dramatic wave of cancellations as fields trips, sporting events and corporate transportation were all affected when the economy shut down.

Fortunately, James River has continued to serve essential workers like hospital staff, Amtrak passengers, flight crews and the military.  The occasional wedding, wine tour or fun event added to the total.

“Our goal was to provide these critical services while keeping both our Passengers Safe and our Team Safe,” said Stephen Story, President.

Covid-19 was new to everyone.  However, James River’s decades of experience enabled us to quickly become experts, train our staff and implement a plan overnight to ensure everyone’s safety. Various types of technology were adopted to address safety, including UV lighting for office and vehicle interiors as well as innovative electrostatic disinfecting foggers that sanitize every crack and crevice. Every week, we learn more about the virus and there is new guidance from medical and government organizations.  As a result, James River’s plans are updated frequently.

James River’s award-winning expertise in safety is legendary. The skills that have protected passengers, employees and the general public for over 90 years on the highways were used to develop a James River Clean Care Program for COVID-19.

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