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James River Transportation Recognized as Safety Champion

James River Transportation has been recognized as a Safety Champion by Transportation Safety Exchange (TSX). The TSX Safety Champion Program identifies and recognizes individuals and organizations that are committed to making the roads safer in any way, whether through demonstrating best practices, improving equipment or enacting laws that help achieve this mission.

In a separate release, TSX stated that “we have inspected and approved James River Transportation and they have showed exemplary safety management protocols and safety management best practices. TSX recognizes James River’s commitment to safety as they have demonstrated the highest standards with regard to their safety program and safety conscious culture throughout their organization. James River truly embraces the fact that Safety is their first priority”.

TSX further stated that, “Safety and Training systems are an integral part of the James River Transportation organizational structure. Everything they do originates from their Mission Statement and Corporate Values. While most transportation safety programs focus on highway travel, their organization also includes extensive systems for their maintenance and office environments as well”.
TSX is the ground transportation industry’s only independent rating organization that inspects, monitors and reports the safety performance of motor carriers, and performs ongoing monthly monitoring to ensure that TSX approved motor carriers like James River continually uphold the highest standards of safety.

James River Transportation is a full service transportation provider and event planning organization with facilities located in Richmond, Williamsburg and Norfolk. The company also has on-site operations at Richmond International Airport and Norfolk International Airport. Services include motorcoach and minicoach transportation, airport transfers, transportation management, contract services, and convention shuttles. The company has been in business for over 85 years.