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James River Bus Lines Bucks the Trend; Hires New Employees

At a time when job losses are being reported on a daily basis, James River Bus Lines and its subsidiaries are hiring new employees. James River starts its driver training class on February 2nd with 12 new students. Carey Transportation has been adding employees for its Old Dominion University Transit System and the Williamsburg location has added drivers for its corporate travel clients. Airport Connection, a sedan service at the Norfolk Airport, has also added drivers. In all, the company plans to add about 20 employees to its current staff of 140.

“It’s not that we haven’t felt the effects of a slow economy, but we have diversified our services enough that while some parts of the business are down, other parts are doing okay”, explained Stephen W. Story, President. “People have not stopped using transportation services – they have just cut back in some areas more than others. We are fortunate to have loyal customers and outstanding employees. We expect to continue to grow through our attention to detail, by providing exceptional customer service and by focusing our marketing efforts.”

James River Bus Lines and its subsidiaries, Carey Transportation and Airport Connection offer a large variety of transportation services throughout Central Virginia and the Tidewater Region.

James River Bus Lines, founded in 1928, is a full service transportation provider and event planning organization. Services include motorcoach transportation, transportation management, and contract services.

Carey Transportation is a full service transportation provider with 30 years of experience and is a division of James River Bus Lines. Featured vehicles include minicoaches, sedans, executive coaches, SUVs and executive vans.