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James River & Carey Transportation Add Driving Simulator

James River Bus Lines and Carey Transportation recently purchased a driving simulator for its safety and training program. The simulator, a TRANSIM VS IV, provides high fidelity, real-world driving environments that are customized for James River’s particular vehicles.

The system features wrap around plasma screens allowing front and side views of the driving experience. Digital imaging offers realistic graphics of real world situations and even allows for customized views that match a particular street layout.

Incorporating the TRANSIM into the company’s driver training program allows trainees to experience driving scenarios that cannot be safely duplicated in actual driving situations. Trainees can experience a tire blow-out, a brake failure, snow, ice, and high winds. The simulator can also set up traffic situations requiring instant reactions such as a car pulling out in front of the vehicle.

The simulator is set up in a self contained, customized trailer providing a professional training environment that can be utilized at each of the company locations in Norfolk, Williamsburg and Richmond.

Costing over $200,000.00, the system is a major investment in safety. James River and its subsidiary Carey Transportation are one of only a few private transportation companies in the world that use a simulator in its training.

“This tool will help us train our drivers to respond in situations that are impossible to simulate on the road. It is our obligation to do everything we can to ensure a safe experience for our passengers. The recent availability of the TRANSIMS helps us accomplish this.” stated Stephen Story, President.

James River Bus Lines, with its subsidiary Carey Transportation, is a full service transportation organization offering a variety of vehicles and transportation services.